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HRP Pocket Guide Nov 2019 Update

Well once again thanks to all who have expended the time & effort to put forward suggestions for the latest revision to the HRP Pocket Guide. It’s now complete for both the West to East & East to West traverses. Rather than continue my original plan with simply numbering the revisions (1, 2, etc) I’ve changed to simply dating them; hence the current revisions are dated November 2019.
The mountains haven’t changed nor the distance between the Atlantic & the Mediterranean, a traverse of the Pyrenees is still around 800km & over 50km of ascent. The Pocket Guide tries to provide experienced backpackers the basic information to undertake a successful trek, it doesn’t provide extraneous information like; refuge/ gite telephone numbers, overview maps, etc. If you want/ need such I suggest the Cicerone HRP guide, which is good but heavy (~400g). I would still recommend individuals complete their own research (paw over the maps, read trip reports, checkout bus timetables, etc). You can obviously edit the Pocket Guide to add any relevant information you may require or remove bits you don’t want.
I like to imagine that the actual route completed & the time taken is really down to the individual (& the weather). Some will delight at running the route in the fastest known time, others will cruise & complete in 60 days. I’m somewhere in the middle, I can happily yomp for 10 – 12hrs, then the next day spend the afternoon enjoying a long lunch & a bottle on vino tinto…..it’s your hike do it your way & enjoy.
The pocket guide is formatted to print out on 7 sheets of A4 (double sided) & could probably be reduced further if the individual wants to delete some of the variants, though some of these can prove very useful in case of poor weather & it would only save a sheet of paper; I haven’t tried it yet but printing onto Tyvek may provide a waterproof option.
There are again quite a few small changes contained within the revision; mainly the odd typo & thanks to feedback (usually where people have gone astray) I’ve clarified some of the descriptions.
Other changes:
A variation has been included for the route traversing from Pla de Bouet over Port de Bouet, Port de Rat to Arcalis ski area direct to El Serrat, it’s several hours short than the southerly route via Portella de Baiau but arguably less scenic.
For those seeking resupply in Tavascan I’ve included a variant following the Porta del Cel over Roca Cigelera, a fine days’ walking which avoids a road walk or return to Noarre.
The route east from Le Perthus has been changed to match the revised route of the GR10.
The HRP Pocket Guide (Word), GPX (sat nav) & KML (Google Earth) files are stored within a Google Drive folder & available for free download HERE.

4 comments on “HRP Pocket Guide Nov 2019 Update

  1. Almog Kurtser
    November 30, 2019

    Thank you so much for keeping these updated! I hiked the HRP this year (Oct-Nov) and used your pocket guide and GPX tracks more than any other resource on this thruhike.

  2. Joanna Heilig
    February 11, 2020

    Hi Paul,
    I’m SO grateful I’ve run into your “Pyrenean High(er) Route”!
    I started my planning with Tom Martens’ book; it’s of course solid and useful, but I quickly got frustrated about its HRP version, omitting a lot of potentially wonderful places just to drop down into the valleys all the time. I can see the reason, but if you know how to keep your backpack light, you don’t need to end up in a refuge and/or a village most of the days. I’d rather stay high, set up my little tent anywhere, and enjoy having lots of air under my feet :).

    So thank you for your generous sharing of your more “alpine” suggestions. They make me look forward to even more “free” pathfinding, and this is, of course, the most joyful way of being in the mountains.

    Joanna, Sweden

    • Paul Atkinson
      February 11, 2020

      Thanks but a lot of the credit must be given to Veron, I just have tried to give the more experienced backpacker more options than the Cicerone guides.

  3. F
    June 19, 2020

    Thanks. I found your guide quite useful back in 2018, even in addition to the Cicerone. Hope to get there again some day!

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One man's wanderings backpacking around Scotland plus the odd digression

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