Whiteburn's Wanderings

One man's wanderings backpacking around Scotland plus the odd digression

Lairig Ghru

3pm & after 6hrs travelling (bus, train, pub lunch then bus) it felt good to hit the ‘Old Logging Trail’ out of Aviemore.

IMG_2002 (Large)

I did think of heading into the ‘Old Bridge Inn’ for a pint but the recent floods put pay to that idea, they were still closed.  Today was a simple set up day; a 7km wander out of Aviemore up into Rothiemurchus forest to pitch up for the night. 

Plan A was to wander up the Lairig Ghru before heading up the ridge above Lurchers crag, over to Ben MacDui then down to the Hutchie bothy for the night.  I had expected snow conditions to have improved (consolidated) since my last visit so had omitted the snow shoes just packing the winter camp gear, 3 days of food, an ice axe & crampons; around 12kg.

IMG_2004 (Large)

I’ve not found many suitable camping spots in Rothiemurchus forest but around the Cairngorm footbridge there’s some nice pitches & by 5pm I was settled in & the ‘kettle’ on for a brew.

IMG_2007 (Large)

By 7pm light snow was falling so the Duomid was battened up, I slid into bed & got plugged into some podcasts for the remainder of the evening.

Despite the early bedtime I didn’t awake until well after 7am, peeking under the tarp I could see that 5 – 7cm of snow had fallen overnight; I put the tea on & snuggled back down.  Breakfast in bed, a winter luxury, then out into the cold.

IMG_2009 (Large)

9am & finally on my away with light snow starting to fall.  I must have been day dreaming while ambling down the track as I walked straight past the Lairig Ghru footpath turning without even realising until I stumbled into the road leading up to Rothiemurchus Lodge, reversing would have made for a longer journey so it was up to the lodge & along the footpath from there back towards the LG.  Didn’t enjoy this bit; the boggy path was only semi frozen & the gloop was hidden by the fresh snow, would have really horrible in trail shoes.

Even at 10am with the snow falling it seemed quite gloomy as I finally joined the LG & started to climb.

IMG_2010 (Large)

Time for plan B; too much soft snow about so forget MacDui & trek over the LG to Bob Scotts or Corrour. 

IMG_2011 (Large)

The pace seemed to slow to a crawl the higher I plodded, cursing the lack of snow shoes as I waded along up to the knees & occasionally disappearing up to the waist but at least the sky looked to be brightening.

IMG_2013 (Large)

Was surprised that the Pools of Dee remained unfrozen; normally they’d be thick ice & blanketed under metres of snow.

IMG_2015 (Large)

Beyond the glen seemed to look to go on for miles, or perhaps it was the old legs telling the brain they’d had enough.

IMG_2017 (Large)

Corrour bothy finally came into view at around 4:30pm; the legs were definitely feeling a bit weary rather than plod onward to Bob Scotts it was a sharp right turn & up to the bothy, finding 4 others already in residence.  The 17 – 18km over the pass had taken 8hrs, nearly twice as long as my last crossing back in September.

IMG_2018 (Large)

Clear skies that evening promised a sharp frost but with 5 in the bothy the temperature probably didn’t get close to zero, it was that warm I had to unzip the sleeping bag after a while. Thanks to a chainsaw snorer I struggled out of bed & wasn’t on the road until 9am not looking forward to the 21km to Braemar.

Once over the minor bealach into Glen Luibeg the snow cover seemed to miraculously diminish.

IMG_2020 (Large)

Time to pick up the pace a little, the 14:20 bus from Braemar seeming a distinct possibility. The fording of the Luibeg caused a bit of a pause, just long enough to don the crampons to tackle the iced up boulder hopping.

IMG_2022 (Large)

Once down Glen Derry I took the track over Doire Bhraghad, a bit of a short cut to Mar Lodge & it also avoids a couple of km of tarmac.  The track has definitely suffered from the recent floods, 100’s of metres is in need of complete rebuilding with nearly 1m deep channels in places.

IMG_2023 (Large)

I hit Victoria bridge at 1:30: 50mins until the bus & 5-6km; no chance & the snow had started to fall quite heavily.  I resigned myself to missing the bus & having to endure 1 ½ hrs of tea & cakes in the ‘Old Bakery’ café awaiting the next one.  Fortunately, half way to Braemar the thumb finally worked & I was whisked into town; the only downside being that there wasn’t enough time for the tea & cake in the café which in retrospect may not have been a wise thing given the 2 ½ hrs bus ride to Aberdeen.


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